To assist sales to Japan’s leading companies

We, Hayashi-chemic are capable of introducing your products directly to Japan’s leading companies through our PR activities.

We have been doing business with Japan’s leading companies in every sector (electric power companies, shipbuilding companies, chemical companies, oil refining companies, food companies, pharmaceutical companies, semiconductor manufacturers) for over 100 years. On top of it, we have 8 sales hubs in western part of Japan, and our 40 sales staff equipped with abundance of technical knowledge are visiting leading companies every day, mainly for sales of seal material and industrial equipment.
For companies which haven’t established their sales routes in Japan, despite of their having excellent products, or companies which haven’t seen intended results through an attempt of sending out direct mails or participating in exhibitions, let us do PR activities for you. We will appeal your products to leading companies directly. Please feel free to contact us so that we can assist you in expanding your sales.

Workflow to solve problems


Introduction of success stories

In a case of a maker, Company C

We were contacted by a maker, Company C, who wished to expand their sales to electric power industry. We set the target area at the entire Shikoku region at the time of drawing up strategies, and established strategies, that was, the application of the products to “power stations”. Our sales staff visited every power stations in Shikoku region without fail, where we carried out sales activities, at the same time, we carried out sales activities for other products and at other areas proactively. Now the company has grown to the extent where they supply products worth 34 million yen a year.