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Messages from President

Hayashi-chemic continues to support the pipeline of tomorrow.

Hayashi-chemic Co., Ltd. celebrated its 100th anniversary in October 2010. Since its establishment in 1910, we have strived, within our ability, to meet various needs of customers from comprehensive industrial sectors ranging from shipbuilding, chemical, oil refining, electric power, food, semiconductors and so on.
Hayashi-chemic evolves day by day in order to continue supporting pipelines which is an important social infrastructure.

We respond to customers’ solutions as best as we can, serving as an "information coordination business" which contributes to the society.

Through our 100 year history, information that can meet diverse needs of our customers has been constantly accumulated. We endeavor to respond to customers' solutions as best as we could as serving as a coordinate business which makes customers' needs and information which we possess to match.
We believe that contributing to the society by means of serving as a coordinate business is our mission.
I appreciate your further support and encouragement in the future.

President Takuyo Hayashi

Company Profile

Company nameHayashi-chemic Co., Ltd.
Head office/factory2-2 Tamahara 3, Tamano-city, Okayama 706-0014
TEL.0863-31-5775 (Pilot number) FAX.0863-31-5773
Mizushima sales office2-37 Nakase 1, Kurashiki-city, Okayama 712-8051
TEL.086-455-9736 (Pilot number) FAX.086-456-2817
Shikoku sales office4001-35 Yoshida Udatsucho, Ayauda-gun, Kagawa 769-0221
TEL.0877-46-8874 (Pilot number) FAX.0877-46-8875
Anan sales office328 Minami inai, Higainocho, Anan-city, Tokushima 774-0013
TEL.0884-23-1238 (Pilot number) FAX.0884-23-3852
Niihama sales office1-53 Udaka 4, Niihama-city, Ehime 792-0866
TEL.0897-33-3760 (Pilot number) FAX.0897-33-3761
Tokuyama sales office8-3, Shinchi 2, Shunan-city, Yamaguchi 745-0861
TEL.0834-22-4851 (Pilot number) FAX.0834-22-4853
Oita sales office269-3 Ooaza Minaharu, Oita-city, Oita 870-0131
TEL.097-521-0175 (Pilot number) FAX.097-521-0176
Ube sales office7-14 Higashifujimagari 2, Ube-city, Yamaguchi 755-0803
TEL.0836-29-4000 (Pilot number) FAX.0836-29-4006
Founded 1910
Established April 1957
Capital30 million yen
PresidentTakuyo Hayashi
Number of employees80
Class 2 Construction management engineer (finishing)7 persons
Outdoor storage tank coating management engineer2 persons
Specific dust pollution control manager2 persons
Hazardous materials handler3 persons
Construction licensesThe Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism License (General -22) No. No. 11 759
Painting business permit, Thermal Insulation business permit
List of Banks
Hyakujushi Bank
Hyakujushi Bank
Hyakujushi Bank
Chugoku Bank
Awa Bank
Yamaguchi Bank
Oita Bank
Tamano Branch
Mizushima Branch
Sakaide Branch
Tama Branch
Minobayashi Branch
Shunan-danchi Branch
Tsurusaki Branch

Sales division

Seal material

  • Gasket (Vortex, Metal jacket, etc.)
  • Seal (for valve, rotating equipment)
  • O-ring (rubber, metal, Teflon)

Industrial rubber products

  • Hose
  • Rubber sheet
  • Expansion joint
  • Molded rubber products/Extruded products


  • Chemical pump
  • Plate type heat exchanger
  • Anti-static equipment
  • Sanitary equipment
  • Chiller (production, repair)

Fluoropolymer products

  • Teflon piping
  • Teflon hose
  • Teflon lining
  • Teflon coating

Pipe expansion joints/ Spiral pipe

  • Metal expansion joints
  • Non-metallic expansion joints (Bellows-Q)
  • Flexible Tube

Construction Division

Corrosion protection work

  • Flake lining
  • Epoxy resin lining
  • FRP lining
  • Corrosion protection work around the foot of a tank


  • Ceramic lining
  • Repairing concrete cracks
  • Eco showers cleaning work

Thermal insulation work

  • Insulation work
  • Refractory castable and fine flex lining work

Plant machines

NC Aqua jet cutter 2600 x 18002 units
Automatic press55ton2 units
Hydraulic press120ton1 unit
Hydraulic Press50ton1 unit
Cutting plotter / CAD1 set
NC lathe1 unit
Lathe SQ-28MSQ-28M1 unit
Vibro ShearML-42 units
Vibro ShearMU-6A1 unit
Teflon welding machine1 unit
Thomson type production equipment1 set
DrillBE36002 units
Slitter1300W2 units
Hand Press2 units
Three-roll machine1 unit
Sawing machine2 units
Dust collector2 units
Air compressor2 units
Machining center1 unit
Planer1 unit
Panel saw1 unit
Ultrasonic washing machineUS-51 unit